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VOCE Purple Rinse


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Purple Rinse treatment infused conditioner is a multitasking conditioner that is packed with clean ingredients to rejuvenate, protect, and strengthen color-treated hair.

Our blonde conditioner neutralizes brassiness and enhances tone for brighter hair. Formulated with mild surfactants and highly concentrated purple pigments and blue malva that counteract yellow and brassy tones while nourishing lavender oil and jasmine moisturizes, smooths, and adds brilliant shine.  

Made for blonde, lightened, and gray hair.  

Good for your hair ingredients

Blue Malva
A natural dye, the blue pigment of this malva neutralizes brassiness. Mallows relieves inflammation and soothes the scalp. It can help to soften hair provides hydration for damaged hair. 

Lavender Oil
With antibacterial properties, lavender oil can stimulate cells and promote hair growth to fight against hair loss. This oil keeps your scalp healthy in order to promote healthy, smooth, shiny hair.

Known for it's elegant fragrance, Jasmine oil can also keep your hair and scalp moisturized. Jasmine oil helps to seal in hair cuticle to promote hair growth and prevent breakage.



After washing with Purple Wash, apply Purple Rinse starting from the ends and working up. Leave for 3 minutes. Rinse and style with your favorite Você product. 

Pro Tip: Follow up with your favorite Você Hair Mask for a deep conditioning experience. Use 2-3 times a week.