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Gama iQ3 Dryer 3rd Generation

Gama iQ3 Dryer 3rd Generation


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Introducing the iQ3 Hair Dryer: Redefining Smart Performance

The iQ3 Hair Dryer is the third generation of the original smart hairdryer, designed and crafted by GAMA Italy. With its innovative features and cutting-edge technologies, it has revolutionized the concept of performance in the world of hair care. This hair dryer is a perfect fusion of Italian design, intelligent engineering, and sustainable innovation, providing professional stylists and salon owners with an unparalleled experience.

Smart Performance at Your Fingertips
The iQ3 Hair Dryer combines intelligent features and advanced technologies to deliver exceptional power and performance. Equipped with an intelligent brushless motor, it generates an incredible airflow that promotes scalp health and enhances hair beauty. With a maximum power of 1,520W and an impressive speed of 120,000 RPM, this hair dryer ensures efficient and fast drying, reducing drying time with its Venturi effect.

Enhanced Stylist’s Health Care and Comfort
GAMA Italy understands the importance of the stylist’s well-being during long hours of use. That’s why the iQ3 Hair Dryer is designed to be as light as a smartphone, weighing only 10.4 ounces (0.65 pounds). Its ergonomic design reduces arm fatigue and provides a comfortable grip, allowing stylists to work efficiently and wisely. The hair dryer also comes with a smart pad that automatically deactivates it when placed on it, saving energy and promoting sustainability.

Unparalleled User Experience
The iQ3 Hair Dryer offers a unique user experience, making every salon visit feel like a luxury hair spa. With its intelligent automatic shutdown system, excessive energy use is avoided, contributing to energy efficiency. The hair dryer also features a lock button to prevent accidental changes to the settings during use. Additionally, it has an auto diagnostics feature that identifies any operating problems and a memory function that remembers the last setting used.

Hair and Dryer Hygiene
Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene is crucial in the salon environment. The iQ3 Hair Dryer is equipped with double micro filters that are removable and washable, ensuring that almost nothing reaches your hair, scalp, or the inside of the dryer. Cleaning the filters is a breeze with the included cleaning kit, which consists of a cleaning cloth and brush. In addition, the hair dryer comes with nine extra fabric filters that can be replaced when needed.

Active Oxygen Technology for Hair Care
The iQ3 Hair Dryer incorporates Active Oxygen technology, along with negative ions, to provide a deep clean for both the scalp and hair. These properties have incredible antibacterial and rejuvenating effects, protecting the hair from damage caused by free radicals. This ensures frizz-free, hydrated, and regenerated hair, allowing for brighter and longer-lasting color treatments.

Experience the iQ3 Hair Dryer Difference
The iQ3 Hair Dryer is more than just a hair tool; it is a game-changer in the world of professional hair care. Its smart performance, sustainable innovation, and Italian design make it a must-have for stylists and salon owners who seek excellence in their craft. With its incredible power, enhanced user experience, and advanced hair care technologies, the iQ3 Hair Dryer is sure to revolutionize your salon experience. Elevate your styling game with the iQ3 Hair Dryer and discover a new level of performance and efficiency.

• 1,520W
• High speed RPM 110,000
• Turbo Boost 120,000 RPM
• Reduces drying time by up to 35%
• Super cool push button cool shot
• Oxy-Active technology extends the life of hair color.
• Patented Venturi Effect maximizes airflow
• Push button Reverse self-cleaning
• Ultralight (10.37 oz)
• 1 Mini Diffuser / volumizer with lock-in feature
• 1 Deep Diffuser lock-in feature for the ultimate curls
• Smart Pad
• AutoClean Reminder sensor light
• Cleaning kit included (1 Cleaning Cloth, 1 Cleaning Brush, 1 Hanging Hook)
• 10 Filters Included
• 9.5 ft standard size cord
• 1 year Warranty