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Decolor B Infinity + Lightener (500g)

Decolor B Infinity + Lightener (500g)


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Developed by hairstylists, framesi DECOLOR B INFINITY+ is an extremely versatile, off-the-scalp bleaching powder with Concentrated Hyaluronic Acid, that gives 10+ levels of lift while maintaining maximum respect for the hair. Conditioning & Moisturizing Lift – NO BONDER NEEDED. 

INFINITY+ TECHNOLOGY: Exfoliate, Hydrate & Protect with Hyaluronic Acid, White
Kaolin Powder & protective oils

Launch into 10+ LEVELS of lift with control and integrity

Designed for the most sensitive client or colorist; Dust, Odor and Color Free, ultra-fine powder. Innovative colorless formula leaves hair with a superior, reflective shine & refined finish and allows the colorist to accurately read lightening results.

Rich & smooth consistency for an even lift and easy application

• Fast action for uniform, rapid lightening
• 10+ levels of lift
• Lightens and conditions in one step with Concentrated Hyaluronic Acid
• Conditioning & Moisturizing Lift – NO BONDER NEEDED.
• Versatile
• Protective
• Ultra shine effect
 VEGAN and Gluten FREE

Off-the-scalp bleach. Do not apply directly to scalp. In a small plastic bowl, mix powder with appropriate developer to achieve the level of lightening desired.


Mix well with flat brush to achieve a dense, homogenous cream. Take the utmost care to avoid contact of the bleach with any metal. 

Processing Time: from 20 to 60 minutes, according to type of hair and desired result. Do not use heat sources. Rinse thoroughly after processing time.

When the desired lift is achieved, rinse and shampoo with framesi COLOR METHOD SHAMPOO GO.

If desired, prepare the hair for toning. The beauty of DECOLOR B INFINITY+ is that this superior formula refines and conditions hair during the lift, eliminating the necessity for pre-toning the hair.