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COLOR LOVER Progressively Strong 6oz

COLOR LOVER Progressively Strong 6oz


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  • A plant-based formula containing Artichoke Leaf Extract builds strength and repairs damage from the inside out, leaving hair more resilient, shiny & frizz-free.


  • Experience the progressive effect…The more you indulge, the more it strengthens and protects from damage while keeping your color 95% longer. *


Why use it?

  • Framesi COLOR LOVER PROGRESSIVELY STRONG is an advanced strengthening game-changer that uses a progressive and targeted approach to strengthening hair.


  • Defies damage and restores hair by providing cuticle protection from moisture loss and styling stress.


  • Improvement of the overall condition of the hair after repeated styling abuse.


  • Instantly revives, rejuvenates, and nourishes severely damaged hair.